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>I’ve Got Friends in High Places

>This month, I recommend:

My friend Eric Drysdale, gamillion time Emmy winner for writing for a couple of cable shows, up and quit his day job and has started his own blog: Eric also bestowed one of the most amazing, unique, special, memorable wedding gifts to me and Finny when he snapped 3D photos with his camera, developed them into slides and presented them to us in an antique carrying case equipped with its own special view finder scope thing. Come over to our apartment some time and I’ll make you look at each and every slide. They rule. Anyway, bookmark his site as I’m sure he will be doing something clever and entertaining on a regular basis. Plus, he’s nice.

ALSO…my friend Susie Felber gave birth to a child and, unlike JLO who is cashing in a Six Million Dollar check, she is actually talented. Susie and her absurdly cute boy Hugo have gone and gotten a gig of their own. I wish she were my mom. Really. Here they are in all their Vlogging glory: