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>Jest is Officially a National Publication…

>…so we had a big party sponsored by Tequila Corazon, Bacardi & Grey Goose at The Delancey.

The door ran smoothly considering we had many attempted party crashers and lots of guests of Editor in Chief Frank Santopadre whose names he didn’t include on my list. The gift bags were gone before you knew it, the ice sculpture was a big hit as were the yummy Corazon drinks.

At one point I loaned my cell phone to a woman. About 20 minutes later I realized I may not ever see it again. I went to the front hallway where she was making her call and was happy to see her there chatting away. She was having a very animated conversation, but I didn’t let that stop me from saying, “Uh, could I get my phone back?” She gave me the “hand” and kept on even louder. So I stood patiently and watched her finish her conversation amused at the size of her balls. I got my phone back and enjoyed my first drink of the evening since my work was done. (Ballyhoo Promotions Rule #1: don’t drink at your own events if you’re in charge of anything important.)

Jest publisher David Fenton and me.

Ice sculpture

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