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>Jon Voight is Tall!

>They’re filming Pride & Glory on the corner at Kaufman Astoria Studios so when Paquita & I walked over to the framing shop to get a poster framed, we passed all the actors’ trailers and lots of movie people who ooohed and awed at how adorable my Pa-cutie is.

The framer had a bunch of photos lying (laying?) about his shop of himself with Jon Voight taken just a few days ago. We had a long conversation about Midnight Cowboy, how much it would cost for my poster to be framed, what the deal is between Voight & his daughter Angelina, does he take credit cards (no) and what’s going on over at the AMMI. Satisfied with my pending transaction, I headed back home down a quiet, empty street where I passed none other than Jon Voight. The dude is tall. He was just on this last week’s episode of Best Week Ever, so I was tempted to introduce myself and tell him he & my fiance, Christian Finnegan, just graced the screen together. But he was alone, so I didn’t want to spook him. Paquita can be intimidating. Har.


Picking up my poster at 5:00. Will keep an eye out for Colin Farrell & Edward Norton. Their trailers are directly across from the framer.