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July 4th at the Cabin

After taking the 4th off, QED is open! Show business as usual! Thankfully I’m working from the cabin for a few days after having spent 20 straight days at QED, most of it on my feet and much of it over 12 to 16 hour days and nights. Finally able to rest, I have slept about 24 of the last 48 hours. Cannot. Stay. Awake. The quiet, the fresh air, the heat, are all elixirs for sweet, sweet ZZZzzzZZZs.

I feel a little anti-social spending the holiday alone in the woods, but I so needed the time away. I did manage to take Grizzy out for ice cream and french fries today now that the traumatic fireworks are over. The explosions also scared some sort of very large wild animal (A bear? Bobcat?) while I was on the patio which had my heart racing. It was too dark to see what it was, but it was making very unusual hissing/screaming noises (? very hard to describe) and the sounds of leaves and trees moving got closer and closer from below the rocks to above at my level and behind the outbuilding. My flight instincts kicked in and I gathered up the dogs and things and headed inside. I’ve tried to figure out what it could have been by listening to YouTube clips of wild animals, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint it. It was weird.

I planted lilies last fall between the hostas as a way to add some flowers and color. They’re doing okay for their 1st year, but the hostas are still too big and gobble up all the sun. This even *after* I dug up bulbs last fall and trimmed shoots that were sprouting up this spring. They just grow and grow and grow. I’ll dig more up again. Want some? Taking orders now! No charge but you will be required to send me pics of them sprouting in spring!

Happy July 4th and a lovely summer to all!