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July 2, 2002

I had a dream that Ricky Schroder and I were having dinner with our respective mates in tow. It was a rather intimate affair…low lighting, bottles of red wine. I noted to Rick (that’s what he likes to be called these days) that his daughter is also named Kambri. I told him, “We’re not so different you and I.”

Marc once did a television appearance with Rick many moons ago. There’s a blurry, faded photograph of the two of them buried somewhere deep in our apartment. Ricky with his bright white hair perfectly combed and Marc with his signature smile and bushy mop of brown hair. Who knew then that the two of them would have a Kambri to love in their lives? They are not so different those two.

Except that Marc is Jewish and Rick is not and Rick is rich and famous and Marc is not (yet) and Marc is funnier and not married and Rick is married with four kids and Marc has no kids and Rick lives out West and Marc lives in New York. But other than that, they’re not so different those two.