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June 13, 2002

I left work yesterday at 5:30 knowing that I had a full hour to find my way to Don’t Tell Mama. With time to kill, I decided to venture into Banana Republic in search of a sleeveless silk, off-white, cowl-necked sweater I had seen the day before but did not buy even despite the sale price. I wasn’t sure of the practicalities of it in summertime, but I knew it would be a perfect match for a silk skirt I own but never wear. I still didn’t buy it. After all, they had about 25 of them on the racks and I work next door. I was convinced I could take the time to think about it, examine the skirt again and buy the sweater at my leisure. Needless to say, they had none left. Only twenty-four hours had passed and they were completely sold out. Lesson: Supplies do not last in New York City. Now I’m certain to be on an obsessive quest to find a top to go with this skirt. Funny how I can buy a chihuahua or a convertible at the drop of a hat, but hesitate on a sale-priced sweater.

Disappointed at my inability to spend money, I continued on to Radio City Music Hall box office to pick up a pair of tickets to the sold out Trey Anastasio concert. A friend of a dear friend of mine happens to work for Radio City and was kind enough to use her power to get me two seats at face value in the 18th row! Marc will be so pleased. It was only a month ago, May 2nd to be exact, that Marc and I spent the afternoon watching Trey perform live on the Late Show with David Letterman. Marc’s friend used to work for Letterman and was able to score us tickets knowing that Marc is the most devoted Trey/Phish fan in the world. These two triumphs give credence to the old adage that it’s not what you know, but who you know.On to the cabaret…Kevin was great and made great choices in songs. Being musically retarded, I can’t tell you what songs they were. I can tell you that he was very entertaining and I’m glad I was able to see him perform. I look forward to next time.