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>Just Checking In

>Liam, a group of our comedian pals and I all went to last night’s awesome Mets game versus the Braves. We got TWO seventh inning stretches! All those extra innings and a come from behind win that rivaled the other and best baseball game I’ve ever witnessed. With such two for two excitement, Liam & I are going to watch every Mets game from now on together.

Christian & I took the train to Philly this afternoon and are staying at the Four Seasons. Pretty hoighty toighty and damned expensive (we’re not paying for it) for just a regular room. We do have an amazing view of the fountain and city, though. We booked a late train home tomorrow so we can tool around the city. I’ve never been and he’s only been here once before but never saw the city. We know there must be something cool going on but what? Anyone have any ideas before 10:00 tomorrow morning?

Oh, and I’m officially booked for another reading. In addition to the one I mentioned on Sunday the 14th at the Back Fence, I’ll be at KGB Bar (above the Kraine Theater) on Saturday, May 20th from 6:00 – 7:30 for a reading called “Locked Up” which is all about jail.

Off to mingle with a bunch of attorneys at the Academy of Natural Sciences.