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>Kidnapped Premiere

>Last night’s premiere of Kidnapped at New World Stages marked the opening night of the New York Television Festival. The entire cast and crew were present along with every manager and William Morris agent I’ve ever met. Jeremy Sisto, Dana Delaney, Timothy Hutton, Delroy Lindo, you name them they were there. I sat next to Christian & Genevieve Gorder (Yay, Trading Spaces!) for the opening remarks and screening of the new one hour drama debuting September 20th on NBC. Though there was much career updating and business chit chat during the cocktail party afterwards, it was wonderful fun and everyone was in great spirits.

As for Kidnapped itself, it is well acted and beautifully shot. The pilot kept me interested and left me wondering what’s next, but only time will tell if it is able to compete with so many dramas out this year. It also happens to be filmed right here in Long Island City at Silver Cup Studios so I’ll be rooting for it and the other SIX new shows debuting this Fall that are also shot here in New York.

That’s seven new shows!