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>Larry Update & Some Calendar Stuff

>So I separated Larry from Dinah for a couple ofdays now and guess who woke up chirping this morning? He and I just catcalled back and forth for a few minutes before he went back to sleep. He’s still sleeping way too much to be 100% okay, but I haven’t noticed him lifting one foot more than the other which would have been a bad sign. Is it possible he was just malnourished from Dinah hogging all the food and stressing him out? I hope so, even though that means they can’t live together. They can still have play dates!

“Sundays at Seven” I’m doing Seth Herzog’s show “Sweet” tonight at the Slipper Room. They have air conditioning folks! AIR CONDITIONING! $5 at the door. Tomorrow night I’m going to perform at UCB which I’m super excited about because I’m going to let the audience decide what story I will tell. I think this will make it fun and fresh for me. THEN, Thursday is a special Daddy’s Day edition of The Family Hour where I’m going to tell a nice story about My Jailed Deaf Dad.