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>Last Day

>Today is our last day of working — tomorrow will be driving and flying back home. I don’t have much time to write or post photos but a quick note of the events of yesterday. The Sheriff came by. He was wearing cowboy boots. (!) He dropped off loads and loads of fresh laundry (towels, blankets, etc. that we use for the dog’s crates). I asked, “Did you do all this?” He said, “No. The warden had somebody do it.”

Ah…well, I hope the inmates felt good about helping the animals. I folded about 8 bags worth of linens and then went back to my dog walking duties.

I also participated in my first reunion. Two young girls drove all the way from Birmingham to pick up their 10 year old chow. The chow, Peaches, looks terrible because of a bite she got on her left ear. The vet had a shunt in place to help drainage (click photo for enlarged view) but took it out so they could take home their “sister”. I’ll tell more later, but it was sweet. And, believe it or not, no tears were shed!

Off to work.