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>Laugh Factory Showcase

>Last night’s showcase was terrific. Christian did well considering he hasn’t done stand up in over two weeks due to his film shoot in Chicago. I was disappointed, though, that he had to open the show. The audience wasn’t fully warmed up and some industry hadn’t gotten there yet. But, overall, it was a success. Paquita and I took a stroll up Sunset Blvd today spent a few hours at the pool while Christian went to three meetings at various movie and television production companies.

Tonight is dinner with one of Christian’s managers, my friend Sarah (a stop motion animator for the hilarious show Robot Chicken) and her boss. Then we’re off to Best Week Ever Live at UCB Theatre at 11:00 PM for only $5.00 and starring Christian Finnegan, Greg Fitzsimmons, Paul Scheer and Danielle Schneider. Come on out if you’re here in LA. Note: the 8:00 show is sold out.