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>Lazy, Hot Sunday

>After two glasses of wine at Cup Diner sipped outside with Paquita during a long conversation with Deborah, the movie finally let out of the AMMI and I was able to scavenger for my keys. Voila! Found them!

Tomorrow I’m back to the crazy grind. I’ve got to pick up my wedding ring which is in for repair becuase I can’t take care of nice things (hey, I never HAD nice things!), put stamps and return address labels on envelopes and mail out our invitations which I hand addressed and stuffed yesterday, and get my teeth cleaned in preperation for my laser whitening treatment. My insane levels of coffee drinking are catching up I think, so if ever there is a time to be vain it’s a month and a half before a party to which lots of folks are traveling from far and wide to attend. I’ll let you know how it works out and if it was worth it. Maybe I’ll even post those gross yet mesmerizing before and after pics you see in the backs of magazines. Or maybe not.

Um, what else? Fox and Friends clip is here. I uploaded a few more Flickr pics from the Meow Mix House launch party (Jonny Fairplay is pictured above with Christian and there’s some of Gervase from Survivor, some dudes from the Bachelor and Average Joe, etc.).

Christian returns from Tampa tomorrow for a few days before hitting Richmond, Virginia. That’s his last stop before we head to the DC Improv to record his debut CD on the Comedy Central Records label. Time for the full court press on the PR. If you, or anyone you know, is in DC for July 6 – 9, drop me a line and we’ll try to hook them up.