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>Lazy Monday

>Christian flew from Vail to LA yesterday where he’ll be auditioning and taking meetings all week. I hope it’s a more productive trip than my weekend was. I’ve been so extraordinarily tired the last few weeks coupled with odd sleeping patterns (and an achy back for fun) so every other day I end up sleeping till noon. I hate that. I watched Little Children and Babel. First was long but very well acted and interesting. Second was also well acted but *way* too long and many slow or pointless scenes for my taste. Especially when it’s subtitled and I’m watching from home where I’m easily distracted.

Ochi’s Lounge will have lots of scheduling changes unveiled in the next week. Friday and Saturday night shows are being moved to the weekday so lots of juggling ensued. But it’s still a strong line up of great “underground” shows including the three plugged in yesterday’s NY Post: Andres du Bouchet is Expecting You, The Family Hour with Auntie Sara and Morrison’s Motel aka Ochi’s Motel. Details coming soon.

Along with the promised Latest Ballyhoo.