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>Leopard Print It Is

>Received confirmation on the dress code for tonight and per the producer, “It’s a night of tightness,” which apparently means I should definitely opt for my strapless, leopard print sexy mutherfunking dress. I got a red belt to funk it up / play it down a bit and a car is picking us up to preserve our showered freshness.

The producer asked Christian to give a little address with some jokes and luckily they reviewed the guest list and details beforehand. A certain philandering sitcom star trying to turn to movies was set to be a punchline before Christian found out that he will actually be there tonight. Can you say “Awkward?” So insert another young celebrity name there and the joke is salvaged.

Christian and two other Best Week Ever panelists will be promoting the show on The Today Show this Friday morning so set your TiVO now.

Time to take my third cold shower of the day.