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>Let the Holiday Party Gauntlet Begin!

>I taught a “Business of Comedy” seminar yesterday and think it was pretty good. Since it was my first class, I’m giving them a one-on-one consultation as an added bonus for being the guinea pigs.

With that under my belt, I can now concentrate on other things like PARTIES! WOO! Comix is having their annual bash tomorrow after Live Wire, Tuesday is The Onion’s big shebang and Wednesday Christian is hosting a South Toward Home benefit at the Blender Theater with John Oliver, Janeane Garofalo, Demetri Martin, Dave Hill and his band Valley Loge and other surprise guests.

Thursday is press with Mary Lynn Rajskub then Friday I give Brooke VP the nickel tour of Queens and our apartment before we jet to Paris.

Big exhale!

Can’t wait to sleep in, drink gobs of wine and coffee and eat loads of creamy foods.