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Let’s Hear it For the Girls!

In between all the wild sex and makeout sessions, Christian (aka VH1 Poster Boy) and I took advantage of some free Loews movie action over Valentine’s Day weekend. Since you asked, here’s what I think:

Diane Keaton was positively luminous in Something’s Got to Give. She makes it look so easy being natural on camera. Of course, this is highlighted when acting opposite Keanu Reeves, but still…absolutely glowing.

Naomi Watts was great in 21 Grams. At moments the shrill shrieking rage fits were a bit much, but overall she does a great job of looking awful and sad and depressed.

Charlize Theron was utterly amazing in Monster. Never once did it seem like she was “acting”, nor did she rely on the makeup (superb) to do the work. She deserves the Oscar.

And then there’s me, who signed my first official (i.e., paying) client for Ballyhoo Promotions! Woo! By the way, thanks to those who gave me comments on the website. Although it is temporary, “temporary” could mean a long time. So, while it’s up, I would like for it to be useful, informative and easy to navigate. Please keep the comments and ideas coming.

Have a great weekend!