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>Let’s Talk Politics

>Okay, not too much as I really don’t have the time to type all that I really think, but here’s a couple of items:

The full Eminemn video, Mosh, slamming Bush is here.

I found my voter registration card so I can voice my opinion on Tuesday. For the record, I’m a Kerry girl (sung to the tune of Aqua’s I’m a Barbie Girl). It will be a pain in the ass and my vote won’t really matter since I don’t live in a swing state, but it is my duty out of respect for those women who fought to make it possible for me as a card carrying vagina owner to cast a ballot in favor of a man who will protect my rights to self-govern said vagina.

My main reasons:

* I’m pro choice — there’s a possibility that the next president will get to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Bush is unabashedly pro-life.

* I’m pro stem cell research — can you really be pro choice and give two shits about some frozen cells that could change the lives of millions? Bush is against research that compromises “life”. Whatever. If it isn’t breathing, it isn’t living.

* Both men will take terrorism and our national security seriously. For Bush to insinuate otherwise is just silly.

Go to the Port Authority and try to find an employee, let alone a cop, and you’ll know that the U.S. isn’t on top of it. The subway is another story. There are cops in many stations, but doing what? Unless they can sniff bomb making materials, they can only profile passersby which number in the gazillions.

Hmm, that just made me ponder, is there a handy little gadget that can test the air for explosives?

* My mom works for Halliburton and even she is voting for Kerry. If job security isn’t enough to persuade her to vote for Bush/Cheney, then that ticket must really suck!


Note to self: patent an explosive sniffing gadget now!