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>Liberty is a Beautiful Thing

>The photo from yesterday and the one below were both taken during a sailboat cruise around the Hudson back in July. It was quite possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done in New York. The waters were peaceful, the sun was bright but not too hot, the boat was beautiful and historic (it is the only privately owned National Landmark), we were well fed and given lots of drink choices, and it was all free thanks to the generosity of my firm.

It is odd how the Statue of Liberty can invoke such strong feelings in me. But being that close to her and the water with nothing between us was truly breathtaking. I would love to do it again with friends but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be as perfect the second time around. I highly recommend it as an outing to anyone living in or visiting New York. Afterwards, enjoy the shopping and dining at the South Street Seaport and you’ve had yourself one fine day, my friend.

Okay, enough of that, off to play my downloaded Galaga game. Woo!