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>Live For Today

>Over the past weeks, the Today Show has been helping people “Live for Today” by fulfilling wishes on their life’s To Do List.

Back when I was getting divorced — What? I never told you I was once married? Oops, yeah, I was married once. — In true Texas trailer trash fashion I married at 17 years of age. Six years later, I found myself determined to “Live for Today” and made a break for it. I compiled my own list titled “To Do Before I Die” (Clever, yes?) and set out to experience life on my own.

Having just moved, I purged lots of old books, journals, letters and pictures that simply don’t mean anything to me anymore. I came across this list and was tempted to throw it out — it was silly and some of my items were downright embarrassing.

In looking closer, though, I was pretty astounded at the things listed and how mundane and simple some of them are. Ride a train, eat sushi, see a parade — check, check, check. Growing up the way I had, being responsible for myself, working full time at such a young age, having inexperienced and unwordly people around me I simply hadn’t done anything. See a Broadway play, learn to golf, go to Europe, vote, ride the subway, have my hair styled, handcraft pottery, learn to bike, go on a cruise, picnic, ice skate. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check.

I’m really proud of having broken free and carved out a pretty interesting, varied life for myself, and yet there’s still quite a bit of regular old stuff on this list I have not done. Get a pedicure, drive across the U.S., build a snowman, participate in a rally, ride a camel, visit the Grand Canyon, go to the circus, go sled riding, be fully self-employed. Time to “get busy living or get busy dying.”

What’s on your list?