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>Live from LA, it’s Sunday Night!

>Many silly computer software issues today but I walked away from CompUSA with Access 2003 for my schmancy laptop and still can’t send Christian’s latest newsletter. Since this has never been a big deal in NYC, I’m hoping it’s just this particular internet connection. So, check out All Things Me by, of and about Christian Finnegan.

Last night’s ASSSSCAT was great. Christian was a bit green but had some great improvisational monologues. The improv group itself was terrific. There was a guy there from Mad TV which, I assume, is what inspired Stephnie Weir to attend. Faithful readers might recall that she was in Eden Court, the film Christian & Stephnie filmed with Tom Lennon (Reno 911) and Kimberly Williams Paisley (According to Jim).

We had an awkward run-in with Danny Bonaduce and his wife while they were filming their reality show. We walked into a restaurant near UCB LA where we had dined once before only to stumble in on their “reality”. We were invited by a producer (?) to stay despite the fact that it was dead silent and we would have been the only other diners in the entire space besides the Bonaduces. In addition to that strangeness, Christian appears in a VH1 Best Week Ever promo with Danny’s phsychiatrist spoofing the goofiness of Danny & shows like his. Needless to say, we ate somewhere else.

Tonight was dinner with a dear friend who writes for The Showbiz Show with David Spade. Although the reason that made us get together was for one of my clients, we had a great time chatting about random nonsense including tomorrow’s Price is Right adventure. Speaking of which, I have to get up in about FOUR hours in order to have a chance on being in the audience.

Nighty night!