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>Long Lost Gospel of Jack

>Back when I worked for Jack and before I had told him about my website and writing about his ridonkulous quotes, I did it under the radar hoping not to get caught. After all, he was my boss and the things that came out of his mouth were downright raunchy at times.

In anticipation of my upcoming readings and workshop with Joanna Parson, I’ve been doing lots of research and backtracking on blog entries, letters and what not trying to trace back when I came clean to you the internet about my dad getting thrown in the clink for 20 years. In doing so, I’ve come across some old Jack quotes. Here’s one to chew on:

Him to Me Regarding a Woman He Doesn’t Like: “Oh, I know! Why don’t you come in topless and beat her to death with your breasts?!”

Oh, how I miss Jack!