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>Long story made short

>(New to the site? I went to NOLA to volunteer for the animals. Read about it here.)

Somehow my love from NOLA ended up on a truck to Arkansas after I left the ranch where I volunteered. The no-kill shelter to where she was headed helps Pitt Bulls find homes. Turns out the shelter wasn’t so good (horrifying is an understatement, IMO) and an investigation was launched. The Pitts were then split up and taken to several shelters one of whom is Turtle Moon Rescue. Much to my horror, here is what she looks like now. Skinnier and shaggier than when I left her. (Do you fu*king see her ribs?!) I’m furious, heartbroken, relieved and worried. What will become of her?

Maybelline and Paquita are running circles around each other in my apartment. Can you imagine the temptation for a hound dog?! It’s not fair or feasible for so many reasons but I have to find her a home. A great one. Good simply won’t cut it after the hell she has endured.

I’m old. I took the bus to go only four avenues to vote and I can’t figure out rss feeds. I’m okay with that.