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>Lots Going On

>I created a logo for the new show I’m co-producing with my pal Liam and have created a temporary page for it. Not bad for someone who’s not a graphics designer, right? But, oh, how I wish I had a School of Visual Arts student as an intern. All my requests to SVA have gone unanswered.

I have a free ticket offer for a new musical. Click here for details and contact me to RSVP tix.

So, here’s my crazy calendar (note my new addition left and there’s always my Calendar page):
Tonight is a birthday party with a bunch of Texans in the City
Monday the 27th is The Big Podcast of 2006!
Wednesday the 1st is Presenting Andres du Bouchet (Plug in Time Out NY and lots of industry expected!)
Thursday the 2nd is a free night of Sidd
Sunday the 5th is an Oscar party (details TBD)