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>My man Keith (Meow Mix House and Cafe’ fame) hooked us up with some Mets playoff tickets! WOO!!! If I can manage to relax and find a minute to sleep or…I dunno…breathe I just might enjoy the night out. Warning to Keith: I will talk shop. In exchange I will buy you beer and hot dogs and peanuts and beer.

Gawker hit us up with a To Do link and I’ve got some great stuff already lined up for Danny Bonaduce and Nina Hartley (mark those calendars…these will be some crazy, fun shows!) but I’m still out of my mind busy because…wait for it…the assistant? Didn’t know how to use a computer. At all. At ALL. The second arrives tomorrow.

Meanwhile, know of ANY task I can assign the first?* Really think about it. It’s pretty freaky how much we depend on computers. I kind of admire the ignorance.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure I hooked my old client, Andres du Bouchet, up with a voice over for a commercial that I “wrote” that my other client, Anthony DeVito, dramatically edited so that it rocked hard core. Details later but I think it will air for RCN cable subscribers on the premiere of Monday Night Footbal (!) and Comedy Central’s first live broadcast “A Night of Too Many Stars” hosted by Jon Stewart. Once I have the final cut, I’ll upload it to YouTube.

*Faxing and fetching coffee is very important work, actually.