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>Maybe, Baby, It’s You

>Lots of maybes, quite probablys and most definitelys that could, possibly, will happen this holiday weekend on the Ballyhoo Promotions / PR front.

I hooked up Christian Finnegan with a Sunday Styles reporter from the NY Times to discuss Christian’s hatred of fireworks.

Publication chances: 50%

2. Christian, Ophira Eisenberg and I hooked up with a reporter from the NY Daily News to discuss our take on why New Yorkers always buy, wear, use black.

Publication chances: 25%

3. I and Christian are to be interviewed for (a) radio spots which (b) could eventually be transcribed into a book. Other interviewees include such pee-ons as Madeline Albright, Nobel Laureate Physicist named Burton Richter and Hillary Clinton. Subject matter is “our first job and what we learned and carried forward in life”. I’ll post my mp3 interview about my first job bussing tables at a yacht club on this very site.

Publication chances on (a): 100%

Publication chances on (b): 30%

4. Sob Stories will be mentioned in Sunday’s NY Post. A picture might accompany it if I can find one with 180dpi or better.

Publication chances: 75%


Chances of all of the above happening: 0%