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>Maybelline Meets Paquita

>Christian and I had a midnight rendezvous with my fellow volunteer, Steve. Steve was kind enough to drive NOLA refugee, Maybelline, to Princeton from the Pasado’s Safe Haven triage center in Raceland, LA. Paquita was very excited and a little scared upon seeing our new family member. She wagged her tail and sniffed wildly and Maybelline didn’t flinch a bit. She hopped right up to us and sniffed back just as furiously. This all transpired at 2:30 this morning, so the meeting was brief. This morning, Paquita didn’t even get out of bed, so she must have forgotten about her new roommate. Was it a dream? Eventually she came in to my office to say good morning and then saw the cage. OH YEAH, WE HAVE A RABBIT! Return to frenzied mutual sniffing.

Sniffing out the Competition
I opened the cage door to freshen Maybelline’s alfafa supply and Maybelline hopped right up and tried to come out of her cage. Wow, she’s not shy or skittish at ALL. Unfortunately, her paws slipped on the hardwood floor so she gave up on the effort. Today I will rabbit proof the house as best as I can and buy some cheap towels to lay around so she can venture around without slip sliding all over the place.

Interested in a rabbit for your home? This site is a great rabbit resource center with links to adoption sites, too.