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>Christian taped a “Best Week Ever” segment for “The Today Show” today which will air on New Years Day. This time it is for the “Best Year Ever”. Matt Lauer called out Christian’s weight loss on air at the end, too. Christian was embarrassed but it was mighty nice of Matt to commend Christian for his hard work and on the same day that comedian Poppi Kramer scored $50K for her win on “The Biggest Loser” as one of the stay-at-home contestants. Good for them! And, holy smokes, she looked amazing and has serious change in her pocket weighing her down!

Listen to Christian live on The Bob & Tom Show tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. One of the most listened to syndicated radio shows in the country. Break a leg! After that, he drives to Dayton for a gig at the Funny Bone then a short trip to Boston to see his family for a pre-Christmas getogether. Still so much travel so close to the holidays and so much work on top of it. I don’t know that we’ll ever be back to “normal” and I’m really thankful because at this point “normal” would mean we don’t have the same awesome projects in the kicker.

Did anyone watch the “Basic Instincts” special on ABC tonight? It was about the Six Degrees of Separation theory and was pretty cool. Apparently you can log on to and test the theory out for yourself. I am trying my best not to go there because I have too much on the To Do List right now to fool around with something I KNOW to be true.

Okay to sum up: TiVO The Today Show on January 1st, tune in to The Bob & Tom Show at 7:00 AM tomorrow and log on to to check out the Basic Instincts “game”.

I’m itching to play! Must. Resist.