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>Media Maven

>I’m becoming a real life media maven! The Mini Hot Dog Championship film I wrote and directed is being edited with voice overs added next Wednesday to be completed in time for July 4th. I can’t wait to share it with you and the WWW. It was loads of fun to do. Nathan’s will be shaking in their boots at our competition. Heh.

I had a meeting with a casting director for a reality docu-drama he’s working on, but he couldn’t tell me for what network. He thinks I’m perfect but I don’t think I’m right for it. But it got my mind working overdrive about some TV show treatments I wrote and never pitched. I think one is such an amazing show idea, never done before and so perfect for a few networks that I’d be a fool to let it dry on the vine. Yes, I am writing a book, working with God’s Pottery, Christian is taping a new DVD this fall and, oh yeah, Comix, but as we know: I’ll sleep when I’m dead, right?

Tomorrow is a gauntlet of TV and radio with Doug Benson with a 5:00 AM wake up call. I perform tonight on The Family Hour so I’ll be out late on top of it. Ick.

My birthday is Sunday but who cares about an odd birthday on a Sunday night so I’ll probably just head up to Bridgeport to see my Tex in the City pal Scott Ramsey in Barnum. He’s got the starring role and Sunday will be their closing show, so I think that could be a fun day.

Besides, on Monday, Florent is closed and we’re throwing a big party for him, his restaurant and *his* birthday. I’m going to sneak in my name on his cake and share his celebration. The line up is *ridiculous*; full of famous drag queens and other celebs, so I’m going to love the day after my birthday.

Ready for her close up.