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>I’m so sad my digital camera is on the fritz. I was at the grand opening of the Meow Mix Cafe‘s 5th Avenue locale which was a load of fun. I snapped photos using my cheap little disposable and on random occasions captured shots of the inside of my purse. Exclusive photos, I assure you.

I did manage to get several shots of one Ms. Eartha Kitt and the giant Meow Mobile — after walking the red carpet, of course. I bought my pooch Paquita a new catnip toy that I’ve gotten free samples of on at least three prior occasions, and a box of 12 moist cat food pouches — never mind that I do not own a cat. I was more than happy to spend the money though, because the proceeds for the night benefited the ASPCA, an organization to which I’ve assigned all of my life savings and 401k benefits in the event of my untimely and sure-to-be-tragic death.

I was tempted to dress Paquita in a cat outfit and smuggle her in as a PR move. But, since my dear friend Keith worked so very hard on the event and will be babysitting said dog who will undoubtedly hang out in his office, I did not want to jeapordize his job and her upcoming play dates. It would have been a riotous coup, I tell you!


The press would have lapped it up faster than a bowl full of milk. Yes, I did just type that.