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>Mel Has Excellent Taste!

>Quick Gossip: Rumor has it Hilary and Haylie Duff will be at one of the three Saturday night shows. If the weather still stinks, I can believe it. Otherwise wouldn’t they be hitting the club scene? That’s what they do, right? I don’t know…I just had to IMDB them to see what they’re known for and I still don’t know.

Being on the road with Christian is interesting. In New York he gets recognized his fair share but outside of Manhattan, that rate skyrockets. It’s fun because it’s not insane which makes me actually feel sorry for the Brad Pitts and Britney Spears of the world. I can’t imagine the crazy level of non-organic experiences and intrusions into the most generic parts of life they have on a minute to minute basis. Okay, scratch Britney and insert most any other celebrity.

Also noticeable is how little regard people have for even acknowledging my presence when they officially meet Christian after a show (i.e., not just a photo or autograph but actually have a conversation, exchange names, shake hands). It’s frustrating only in the sense that I put so much work into each and every appearance Christian makes so I feel I have some stake in and credit for the night. Plus half his set is about me so it’s not as though there’s no ready small talk available. But, well, I’m a nobody and am treated thusly. So, imagane my surprise and delight when this lovely woman named Mel turned to me with a big smile after meeting Christian and stuck out her hand for a big shake and said, “You’re hilarious, too. I read you all the time!” Totally made my night. Nay, my weekend. We’re totally MySpace BFFs now!

Christian was excellent on the radio this morning with one station keeping him for over an hour — longer than they have ever done with any other comedian. Excellent! He also plugged MySpace (part of the deal, you see, for getting plugged on their Comedy page) and ticket sales have gotten a hearty boost. Considering the holiday weekend, poor weather and the Miami Heat being in the playoffs this weekend, this was greatly needed.

The last time I was here, I had a lively and in depth conversation with David Alan Grier about the negatives of marriage. Hmm…well…I actually still agree with all my points, Finny & I are just being practical.

What can I say? I’m a hopeless non-romantic.