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>– Dane Cook did a surprise spot on a show Christian was on at the Improv.

— Christian’s manager’s bar “Black Rabbit” is opening soon in Greenpoint. We celebrated last night and, I must say, the place is awesome. The public opening is just a couple of weeks away. You should go.

— I miss Christian who has been in Indy and LA for the last two weeks. He’s hanging out with my awesome, Emmy winning, stop motion animating girl friend Sarah tonight at the premiere party of Adult Swim’s “Star Wars“. It features all the real voices of all the real stars, too! Tune in tonight at 10:00 PM EST.

— My hopefully awesome whirlwind birthday week officially begins tomorrow with the Penthouse Pet of the Year Party. Huzzah! I’m taking Rev. Ramsey which means I’m bound to have F-U-N! He’s never been so he has no idea what he’s in for. Heh.

— Tuesday marks the first of three meetings I have with some big wigs about Love, Daddy and what not. Eek.

Speaking of which, Happy Father’s Day, Dads.