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>Monday, Monday, Monday!

>This last weekend we enjoyed the park immensely; Forgetting Sarah Marshall not so much. For each thing we liked about it, there were two things we didn’t. It was a mess and I was bummed. But the park was perfect. Sunshine and quiet and loads of space to ourselves followed by dinner at Bistro 33. Just like we planned but better. I then completed Guitar Hero III on my PS3 on medium and am halfway through on hard. I also received my new robe, cami, chemise and briefs from Eberjay. Zowie. Life is good.

In new client news, I and the lovely Ms. Desiree Burch made the Hysterical Festival and Comix become BFFs. (The heart was just like the old lockets but big and made of glitter. It ruled.) The fundraiser show was a bunch of fun and the festival, debuting in October, will not disappoint.

I’m working on Stand Uppity, a comedy tour sponsored by and featuring Andy Kindler, Marc Maron and Eugene Mirman. The tour lasts the month of May but you can click here for cities and dates. Also, look for an announcement regarding God’s Pottery, they’re the Christian rock duo that recorded their recently released Comedy Central CD at Comix.

Also in May, Christian is headlining four different clubs over four weekends. Check out his calendar for details. I’ll be joining him in Atlanta, so if you’re in that neck o’ the woods come on out to see me, too!

Reading a new piece on The Family Hour at Ochi’s this Thursday!