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>More Like One Degree!

>In other publicity not related to Comix, follow this nutso six degrees craziness that began Friday night involving the following friends of ours:

Bob Powers’ new book “Happy Cruelty Day” was a feature in the NY Post today writen by my friend Mandy Stadtmiller.

Village Voice columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel, was on the news today.

And pal Eddie Peppitone did a spot on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Friday night a show for which our friend Adam Spiegelman produces.

Adam was just interviewed by my girly-pal Susie Felber for the Comedy Central Insider, the blog I guest blogged for back during the Montreal Comedy Festival. She has also interviewed Bryan Tucker — our friend who writes for SNL and hooked us up to see Alec Baldwin guest hosting — and … Bob Powers.

Did I miss anyone? **UPDATE** Idid miss someone! Keith Fernbach (my Meow Mix House co-hort and fellow NOLA animal rescue volunteer) was a quote of the year in this article.