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>I enjoyed Munich, but I wasn’t blown away (sorry) by it. Eric Bana was great as were all the other performers. I guess I saw it too closely on the heels of Capote which thoroughly moved me. I identified more closely with Capote, however, and have little to no interest in learning even more about just why Palestine & Israel hate and kill each other.

Next up: tomorrow’s matinee of Match Point and Chapters 1-12 of Trapped in the Closet, a gift from my pal Keith.

Yesterday was a jam packed day of meetings with clients, potential clients, friends and two comedy shows. I finally caught Chicks & Giggles at Mo Pitkins. I got a kick out of Poppy Kramer and poor Michelle Buteau who had just gotten THREE root canals and performed anyway. Hysterical and endearing all at once. Mo Pitkins is supremely annoying, though. The bathroom is one really long flight of stairs down, around a corner, through the bar then another really long flight of stairs down where you are greeted with only two stalls shared by all. It made me re-think my bladder control and comfort level before I decided, “Yes. Yes, I really have to pee.” The performance spaces themselves are pretty typical. And it’s the hip new spot why? Maybe it’s the food. I have never eaten there, so I can’t fully judge it yet. I’ve also never bought a drink there, so I don’t know what their prices are like. Maybe they have $1.00 vodka and the tastiest $5.00 steak.

I then walked ten or so blocks to Rififi where I caught the tail end of Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!! My favorite part was the game. This time “Match Game” with two Charles Nelson Reillys, comedian Christian Finnegan and Benjamin Franklin whom the host pulled out of the wormhole. Benjamin groused, “You finally pull me out of the wormhole and you want me to play a game? I’m a great inventor, why not have me for the invention part of the show?” It was very subtle and hilarious.

And what would a blog entry by me be without a mention of some PR I’ve snagged? (Just as boring, I know.) Here goes:

The new issue of Punchline Magazine is out featuring an interview with Christian Finnegan.