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>Movie Round Up

>I watched an abundance of movies on the personal entertainment systems on our AA flight home from Paris. (On the way there I slept on my fully reclining chair / bed during the time I wasn’t eating and drinking my face off with real silverware, a menu and open bar! Holy crap 1st class is disgustingly decadent and awesome.) Ratatouille (sweet), Interview (interesting, I suppose) and Evening (quiet and reflective) were the three I chose plus two episodes of How I Met Your Mother and a few rounds of a maddening puzzle game. Yesterday we watched Sweeney Todd (good) and last night I caught Marie Antoinette (delicious eye candy).

That’s more movies than I’ve watched in months but all of them kind of left me with an “eh, okay, so I saw that,” kind of feeling. Each had scenes that were quite memorable and/or stirred my emotions but I wish I could mash them all together and saved those viewing hours for something else more impactful. I guess that’s why I don’t get to the movies that much these days. It feels like a risky investment of time. I’m so busy and stressed all the time these days that I need to know for sure that what I’m going to do or see is worth the expense of time. It is precious after all. I keep *hearing* about all the great movies that are in theaters but am I watching the wrong ones?

I hear Atonement is good.