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>Movin on Up?


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Christian and I are going to a few open houses today to see what’s out there on the market. We love living in Long Island City but a few openings of latin dance clubs later and it’s time to move. And my sidewalk pretty much always looks like it did in this picture I took yesterday. We’re right on the border of Astoria and LIC which is no man’s land. I’m convinced that Precinct #114, Vallone or Gioia don’t really give a hoot about it since there aren’t many residential buildings here and, therefore, not a whole lot of constituents put up a stink. Couple that with the fact that NYers are transient and, well, nobody really calls this their home for long.

We love our apartment but when we met with our accountant then took a gander at what was out there, and we’re practically salivating at the idea of living in a place with central heating and air and a washer and dryer within our home just like Christian’s time travel joke (too long to type). While, I’m not looking forward to wading through the real estate waters of legalese, high pressure salespeople, conflicting opinions about the time to buy, and the like, I am liking the idea of having access to the rooftop again, a gym and a real neighborhood that the other residents value.

So is the time to buy now? Who the hell *really* knows?