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>Moving on Up!

>From yesterday’s NY Post:

The dilapidated area near the East River is getting spruced up in a leafy, $3.1 million makeover, Councilman Eric Gioia announced yesterday. In four years, the grimy, industrial stretch will be a thing of the past .A paved walking path — dotted with trees and stunning views of Manhattan — will span from Long Island City to northern Astoria, then extend east, farther into Queens.

Awesome! I just sent an email of thanks to Mr. Gioia. This project is long overdue. I’ve spent many a day in Astoria Park wondering why there aren’t more parks, lush grass and trees along such an obvious span of real estate. Soon, I won’t have to wonder any more.

Stay tuned for Letters From My Jailed Deaf Dad tomorrow. Oh yeah, and Happy Anniversary to me & Christian!