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>New Free/Cheap Performance Space in NYC

>Quote from the Mo Pitkin’s is closing thread:

“I don’t even want to think about the sterile & fancy new establishment that might take its place.”

Hey, I think this is my cue! So, besides running my own PR company and producing shows, I also serve as the Director of Publicity for Comix. This means I haven’t had much time for going to my favorite NYC shows at places like Mo’s, UCB, Riffifi, the PIT, etc. I miss the shows, the hanging out and small monetary investment.

Comix has a downstairs lounge that we hardly use except when we have a private poker game every now and then. Every time I walk by it I think, “What a waste of space!” So I put together a proposal for how to use the space, pitched it to the GM and got approval today.

I’m going shopping for a curtain to serve as a back drop and a few other asthetic things like that to get the space performance-ready and should have it up and running by the week of October 23rd. Could be a stupid idea and/or total failure but I want to give the old college try because, you know, I have nothing else going on at all.

Drop me an email if you want to discuss the booking details.

Now, what to call it?