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>New Letter From My Jailed Deaf Dad

>Happily his letter was not the demanding, angry, accusatory letter that found me last time. No, this one was quite possibly his best letter ever. It started out like this:

Dear my Sweetheart daughter. I’m so happy to get a letter. Thanks so much One thing I want to say Sorry…

That’s cool.

I’m exciting to have some money from you. Don’t worry it. I will pay you back when I get released!! Oh boy I can’t wait to buy toothpaste and deordant.

He is totally guilting me into getting on the ball on this task. It totally works.

You are wrong what kind of ice cream. I’m choice is Strawberry :o)

Ah, yes, I remember now. On rare occasions, my mother would buy Neopolitan ice cream and I only ate the chocolate — vanilla in a pinch. There had to be a reason why she would bother buying what to me seemed like such a poor choice. Someone had to eat the pink stuff.

He then writes about how he owes money to the correction facility for all the paper and envelopes he purchased, that he’s moving to another wing that houses 80 other deaf, mute inmates and that: Most of them are low education levels.

For the record, my dad has a high school diploma. Despite what his poor writing skills might indicate, he has a very high IQ. He attended school years before “mainstreaming” became common practice. He lived in a dorm, away from his parents, every school year beginning at age 5. They didn’t bother trying to teach students how to fit in with a speaking society, because at the time the speaking society didn’t want them.

I digress. I’m unecessarily delaying you from reading the best part:

Last week, my friend gave me ice cream for first time, you know lots of inmates are selfish, back stabber, stealing, liars and fighting. I don’t have any troubles with them because They know me so well after 4 times I had fought & beat them up. I’m old man and good fighter Ha. SH Sh! :o) .

I try to avoid interaction with inmates, so I was unaware of those negative qualities which they possess. However, they sound remotely like actors. Is he sure he’s dealing with inmates and not the star of a yet to be released reality show?

Oh, and you won’t tell anyone he’s a good fighter, will you? WILL YOU?!


Ice cream is a powerful thing. I’d better send him money soon.