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>Newsletter Re-Dux and the Holidays

>I’ve fallen out of love with the Ballyhoo Newsletter format as it’s something I designed using super simple HTML coding back in the early Tex in the City days. Top that with some lazy folks copying the design (Really? You couldn’t create something better? I mean it’s clean and all but, wow, it’s really plain!) and I’ve got myself some motivation to design something new after too many years.

So, The Latest Ballyhoo has graduated to CSS. Check it out! As usual, your comments or edits are greatly appreciated!

My lovely assistant Natalia and I delivered five bags of gifts to the family Christian and I adopted for Christmas. I can’t wait to hear back from them. Now that they’re taken care of, I can turn my attention to Christian and friends. I’ve got a few great gifts picked out for him and I even hung stockings! Our little tree is holding up well and, dare I say it, I feel excited for the 25th of December! I’m sending My Jailed Deaf Dad $50 for sweet treats, new thermals (the ones he got with the other money I sent got stolen) and gambling on the holiday football games.

We’ll be ringing in the New Year at Comix, so if you’re looking for something to do why not join us? It’s very reasonably priced in comparison to many other New Year’s Eve events, there’s a dinner option, champagne toast, DJ and the ball drop will be shown on all our screens. Okay, sales pitch over time to wrap gifts!

STOCKINGS! I’m stoked.