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Next Year Actually IS Now! The NY Mets Rule!

Holy moly, did I see the best baseball game ever yesterday! Unbelievable! Guest of my friend Liam, I hopped on the 7 and prayed for sunshine. Thunder & lightening seemed to want to spoil our fun, but eventually the rain let up and the game started an hour and a half later than scheduled. The Angels were leading one nothing and the Mets were being outplayed.


— Beltran stole a homerun to prevent the Angels from a big lead.

Awesome, but then in the top of the 9th the Angels scored a run to make it a 2/1 game. Hmmph.

BUT THEN…in the bottom of the 9th:

— Anderson tied the game with a freaking IN THE PARK HOMEFREAKINRUN! When do you EVER get to see that? In person?!

Top the 10th the Angels score another run. Damn. Bottom of the 10th the Mets had a runner on 1st and 2nd with TWO outs. Floyd steps up and proceeds to get a full count. So it all comes down to this.


— Floyd knocks the shit out of the park! A WALK-OFF HOMEFREAKINRUN! When do you EVER get to see that in person?!

This is enough to make me become a sports broadcaster. F this Ballyhoo noise.

Watch the videos of the three plays.

New Mets fan. For life.