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Now that I’m living along again, not only do I have to cook and clean for/after myself (WTF?!), I also have to run my own errands. Egads! It seems I’ve been missing out on colorful characters all this time. Paquita and I waited in a surprisingly short line at the bank considering it was Friday and the 15th of the month. Said short line even graciously moved fairly quickly. It wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of one short, rude, impatient, old, foreign woman two people behind me sharply announcing “Next!” each time the “Next in Line Please” light would ding, as though the next person in line couldn’t possibly figure it out on their own. They just weren’t moving quickly enough for her. When I was the next I turned to her and hissed with curled lip, “I won’t be needing your assistance, thanks.” I wanted to pop her in the mouth. My first errand running excursion doesn’t bode well.