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>Northern Hospitality Benefit Update

>Details are coming together quickly. We have confirmed the rental of the Kraine Theater. There will be a motel room set on stage, which could be an interesting touch.

We’ve got:
– A tentative name: Northern Hospitality;
– A gift basket donated from a men’s product supply company;
– An offer of a gift basket of books and such (Thanks, Rachel!);
– Pre-show music picked out;
– Free t-shirts; and
– Two performers confirmed.

We need:
– Clever show ideas;
– An amazing headliner;
– Confirmation on the booze situation;
– More gift baskets, prizes, anything.

What would YOU want to see? How would your benefit show be different and amazing so that it raises tons of money? Send in your ideas!

Many thanks to all those who have offered your support!