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>Nutso Week

>Christian missed some phoners and he left his hamster’s cage open so she (Aretha) escaped. Luckily we found her sleeping in his backpack in his closet. Tiny booger got lucky. But the absent mindedness is testament to how busy things are. Our lives are a whirling dervish right now.

I’ve had lower back pains that shoot down my leg from sitting in my chair for 10 hours straight. Missed watching Fresh Meat as a result but Page Six’s Paula did really well, I heard, so I was happy about that.

Too long a story but short version is: There is a guy who I’ve been “battling” with via high scores on a video game a la the movie “Night of the Comet”. I finally met him in person last night. He’s a savant. Crazy, dorky savant. I wish he’d just leave my Magic Charms game alone. I’m the freaking winner of that one, okay?! You can have your Photo Hunt and Tri Towers just give me my Magic Charms.

Greg Fitzsimmons is at Comix this weekend. Had him on Stern this morning and he’ll be on the Mike & Juliet show tomorrow. Tune in. He’s funny. Save $5 with the code GFVIP online at or by calling 212.524.2500.

Exhausted and can’t share the real nitty gritty gossip of this week.