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>Our vacation in our own City is going well, but marked by extreme sadness. My heart keeps breaking at the reports coming from NOLA. I have donated money to the HSUS, am organizing a benefit which I hope will raise over $2,000 for the Red Cross and feel absolutely worthless. We took the day off from “vacationing” today and I’ve done nothing but browse the net and cry and watch CNN and cry some more. I posted an offer to adopt or foster a small dog on Craig’s List. I hope I get a request for help…it’s really the best way I can help someone. There are other folks posting offers to assist with transportation and housing, making phone calls, you name it — unspeakable amounts of generosity which makes me cry, too, but in a good way. So, I’ll be checking my email and the forums constantly hoping to give some love and a home to the best friend of another man.

Day One of our “Vacation”
We enjoyed brunch at The Cup Diner which is not a new place for us, but it is directly across from our official destination, the American Museum of the Moving Image.

The AMMI is pretty amazing. Christian & I are going to become members to enjoy free screenings ($10 for non-members) and discounted rates for their Pinewood Series. As part of the latter, Glenn Close will be there on the 22nd for a Q&A following a screening of Fatal Attraction.

There are many interactive exhibits that were very fun and impressive for us adults. Who needs to be a kid to enjoy making your own stop motion movie, record voice overs over famous movies, select soundtracks and so much more. I highly recommend this museum to tourists and New Yorkers alike.