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>Obviously, I’m Bored

>What with planning a wedding party, attending the best (read: exhausting) comedy festival in the world, preparing for Christian’s debut CD release drop by Comedy Central Records and general stuff, why not take a break to make Paquita do tricks?

She usually clams up for the camera and insists on being right in my face for trick time, but Scott (aka Reverend Ramsey) taught her how to “stay” when he recently took care of her during my trip to Texas a few weeks back. She was still skittish at first but eventually warmed up. “Be cute” is a new trick we started just before I left for Montreal last week so she hasn’t quite mastered that one. Five years old and she still wants to learn two new tricks in one month…if only I could think of more tricks! By the way, her barks are intentional as she knows the sign for “speak”. She’ll also answer questions with a bark if phrased the right way.

Added bonus: Larry Bird, my parakeet, chimes in with a cat-call and his best imititation of Paquita’s bark.