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>Okay, mama’s busy, let’s get to it.

>We (me and my best paying client) will be at the Miami Improv next Thursday, April 15 through Sunday, April 18th. Christian headlines on Thursday & Sunday and middles for David Alan Grier Friday & Saturday. I’m sending a release to the Miami press; but if you have the inside track, I’ll hook you up if you hook me up.

Today was Greg‘s first day on the job in his new city in his new life. Wish him luck — even though I’m (not so) secretly hoping it will all fall to pieces and he’ll come running back to NYC and beg us to take him back which we will do only after much groveling and flattery on his part. just sent me a free trial offer. Anybody try it before? I used to be a addict before they went belly up. Please, please, please let it last. I can send myself wine! Oh, and groceries! Groceries! Fresh produce and meats and cheeses?!?! I can’t even imagine! The contents of my fridge are rotten and pathetic at best (unless Scott has just babysat Paquita for a week) rotten and bare at worst. I intend on wasting much, much more delicious and rare foodstuffs now that I can buy them online.

This wind can blow me. (Sorry.)