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>One for Cindy Adams’ Column

>42nd Street Loews, Christian Finnegan (Chappelle’s Show, VH1’s Best Week Ever) and I walk in to see Paul Reiser chatting casually. Nearby a young hip, urban guy sees Christian walk in and an excited wave of recognition sweeps across the young kid’s face. As we walk away, the kid looks around for someone to share the news with. Meanwhile, TV LEGEND Peter Falk cheerily greets Paul Reiser. The kid never even pays them mind as they head up to their special screening of their joint effort The Thing About My Folks.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

We were there to see The Aristocrats (featuring the aforementioned Paul Reiser) which was so hilariously vulgar and awesome. I loved Doug Stanhope’s baby, Martin Mull just makes me want to hug him…for years I’ve just wanted to give him a big old squeeze, and Lisa Lampenelli – besides being a genuinely nice woman – never ceases to crack me up.

Off to let Bonfire of the Vanities and red wine lull me to sleep.