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>One Hundred Forty One Single Days Left and Counting

>Todd Jackson of and his lovely wife Danielle graciously sent me their copy of “The Anti-Bride Guide”. I’ve already gotten a few tips and tricks on how not to make my nuptials all traditional like but reading through it has made me realize how, inevitably, certain details are unique to weddings and will have to be tackled for the first time. Stuff like hotels for out of town guests, getting a *gulp* marriage license and finding someone to officiate to name a few.

But, luckily I’m skilled at event planning (seriously, you should hire me!) so I literally spent one phone call negotiating with our top choice for space and had it all hammered out after one follow up email. I’m the mast-ah!

Jonny Fido is designing our “invitation”, my dress has been purchased, the space selected, the caterer chosen, the photographer pitched, hmmm…what the hell is that whole Bridezilla thing about? I don’t get it.

Anyone know what getting married on August 12th, 2006, means numerologically speaking?