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>One Point Five Year Anniversary

>Tomorrow is the the 1.5 year anniversary of the day that Christian started his diet and exercise program. He stopped losing weight around last September but for some reason people still think it’s an ongoing, negative thing. This was just in his MySpace inbox this evening from Emily Krauser from Indianapolis, IN:

I liked it better when you had chubbier cheeks. The bony thing is just not cutting it. I’m serious. you were totally cuter with the baby cheeks and now you just look creepy.

So, eat more or something.

Luv, Emi and Kimber

Thanks, Emily. You’ll be happy to know we ate gobs of amazing food at our favorite restaurant Lil Bistro 33 and topped it off with Chef Gary’s amazing bread pudding. Sinful and delicious and worth the hike to the core of Astoria.

If you do make it out there, be sure to try one of his special sushi rolls. Any one will do…that’s how great they all are. We’re also big fans of the ginger dressing on the plain old field green salad. I was so excited to try the rolls I neglected to look at the regular entree menu to see what, if anything, had changed from the old menu. Guess will have to go back soon!